Hassan Sheikh welcomed Somalia’s membership in the Security Counci

June 06 (Jowhar.com) – The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has warmly welcomed the election of Somalia as a member of the United Nations Security Council for a period of two years.

The president said that this victory shows the development and governance of our country, and he pointed out the plans that guide the voice of Somalis in the international arena, which is based on maintaining peace and strengthening cooperation.

“The diplomatic success we achieved today reflects how the world is witnessing the efforts and development of Somalia, especially the recovery and reconstruction of our country. It is an opportunity that we can take advantage of to participate in the safety and security of the world.”

President Hassan Sheikh thanked all the member countries of the Security Council, those of the region and the continent who supported Somalia’s request, noting that this is a valuable opportunity that will lead our country to play a prominent role in the security and peace of the world.

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