Have children in Canada been vaccinated against the will of their parents?

A video on Twitter claims that children in Canada were vaccinated against Covid-19 against the will of their parents, offering ice creams in exchange for vaccinations. We analyzed this video and its caption in the latest episode of Truth or Fake.

In Canada, a “vaccination center is offering ice cream to children in exchange for a vaccine without parental consent,” said a tweet in French published May 24. “The police are guarding the property to prevent parents from interfering!”

The video under this caption was viewed over 168,000 times. Tristan Werkmeister of the JowharObservers analyzed the claims of this message one by one.

Main takeaways

The temporary vaccination center featured in the video was located in Toronto, Ontario, on May 23, for a one-day vaccination campaign open to all residents over the age of 12. The city’s mayor insisted on welcoming people without health insurance and immigrants. workers. “I encourage families with eligible children to come to the clinic,” he said.

But children 12 and older did not necessarily have to go with their parents, because the provincial Health Care Consent Act of 1996 does not require parental consent for vaccination.

The individuals protesting are in fact protesters against restrictions and vaccinations. Three of them were arrested. According to the Toronto Sun, “one was charged with public nuisance, the other for non-compliance with a warrant and a third was fined for a provincial offense.”

On the same day, 2500 people received their first dose of the vaccine at the temporary center and were able to get an ice cream when leaving the center.

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