Here Europe – European defense: the German anti-missile shield project annoys Paris

Since February 2022, the conflict in Ukraine has raised the stakes for EU security. For the time being, the 27 are finding it difficult to agree on a joint defense response.

The subject poisons the Franco-German relationship in defense matters. Berlin has turned to Israel and the United States to establish an air defense shield when Paris wants to prioritize the purchase of equipment produced in the EU. MEPs Zeljana Zovko and Mounir Satouri debate the issue.

Within the EU, two clans arise. Behind Germany, 16 member states including the Baltic countries and most of the Central European states. Italy, Spain, Portugal and Poland sided with France.

The dream of a defense Europe desired by Emmanuel Macron seems to have lost ground. But the Russian threat has given this strategic thinking a new dynamic. The Commission has just announced €832 million in funding for 41 joint defense research and development projects.

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