Journal de l’Afrique – British Court of Appeal rules illegal plan to deport migrants to Rwanda

In a fresh setback for the British government, the judiciary on Thursday declared “illegal” the controversial plan to deport migrants who arrived illegally in the UK to Rwanda, but Prime Minister Rishi Sunak immediately announced he wanted to seize the Supreme Court.

The presence of blue helmets and their patrols provides relative security in Timbuktu and for 30 kilometers around. But beyond, in all directions, the villages are threatened by the jihadists. Residents of the “city of 33 saints” are divided over the likely departure of the UN mission.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, women involved in politics face threats, intimidation and physical attacks. This is the alarm cry launched by the network of women parliamentarians in Kinshasa. They call on the authorities to enforce the current rules and initiate investigations into cases of aggression. No action at the moment.

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