Journal de l’Afrique – New climate finance pact: Africa expects concrete solutions

More public money, but also private money, is a high priority for poor countries: leaders from North and South asked on Thursday in Paris to release the trillions of dollars needed for the energy transition and adaptation of countries vulnerable to global warming, a problem closely related to development. Désiré Assogbavi, the Francophone Africa Director of ONE, is our guest.

We stop at one of the most prominent projects in light of the climate crisis: The Great Green Wall. Begun in 2005, but funded with more than $17 billion by 2021. Unfortunately, funds are awaited by those who need them on the ground. Reportage in Niger by Harold Girard.

And then you have to have funds to be able to develop projects adapted to the climate, but for that you also have to have skills, women and men trained in reality on the spot. Donors, such as the World Bank or the French Development Agency, have decided to rely on very specific lessons to train African experts. Report in Togo and Benin by Emmanuelle Sodji Cynthia HEGRON, Raphaël NTALE.

The little sentence of Macky Sall that causes a reaction this Thursday in Senegal. The Senegalese president, who was in Paris to attend the summit, addressed his supporters. And he gave them a promise: “We will stay in power…” a phrase that some observers have interpreted as a candidate declaration.

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