Journal de l’Afrique – Tense situation on the border between Sudan and Chad, two months after the start of the conflict in Sudan

The situation on the border between Chad and Sudan is becoming more and more complicated. For more than two months, Sudan has been ravaged by war and the Sudanese have tried to flee to neighboring countries, which is not without consequences, and the concern has spread to Chad because the security risks are significant.

We talk about it with our correspondent in N’Djamena Mamadou Djimtebaye in this edition.In Madagascar, documents leaked on social networks and to journalists a week ago reveal that President Andry Rajoelina has had French citizenship since 2014. A scandalous revelation, because according to the Malagasy Nationality Code, if an adult Malagasy voluntarily acquires another nationality, he loses it de facto.

Malagasy nationality. Madagascar is therefore in the middle of a legal imbroglio, a situation that is bothering the authorities a few months before the presidential elections, as Gaëlle Borgia, our correspondent in Madagascar, explains to us.

Pastef, the party of Senegalese opposition leader Ousmane Sonko, gave its version of the violence in a memorandum published on Tuesday in Dakar. A response to the White Paper published by the Government on these riots. Elimane Ndao’s correspondence in Dakar.

For decades, Guinea-Bissau has been a hub for drug trafficking. A trade that has serious social consequences for this small country: according to the National Drugs Observatory, between 30 and 40% of young people have used hard drugs. Support for these drug addicts is almost non-existent. In Bissau, a Pentecostal priest claims to treat drug addicts through prayer.

Our special envoys visited this center and discovered the serious abuses its patients were subjected to.

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