Journal de l’Afrique – Tunisia: migrants expelled from Sfax after the death of a young man

The situation remains tense in Sfax following the death on July 3 of a Tunisian man who was stabbed during an altercation with sub-Saharan migrants.

For several weeks, the country’s second city has been the scene of clashes between migrants and residents, an anti-migrant demonstration took place on 25 June. The police carried out the evacuation of migrants. The report in Sfax by Lilia Blaise and Hamdi Tlili.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) finally resettled in the Central African Republic more than 10,600 Sudanese refugees in Birao, in the northeastern part of the country.

These people first fled the hostilities to seek refuge in Am-Dafock, a town bordering Sudan with CAR, before being relocated to Birao 65 kilometers away. The authorization was given a month ago by the Central African government.

This operation consists in protecting the refugees from the fighting that advances from the border, but also in preventing the consequences of the rainy season, which has already begun in the area. UNHCR and the Central African Government want to prevent rather than cure. Report by Rolf Stève Domia-leu and Mélino Bandio.

Less than six months before the announced date of the general election in the DR Congo, the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commissionmeets the country’s main opponents. Goal: to reassure them about the electoral process, while the opposition considers it fraudulent and biased. But these meetings have revived a debateKinshasa. Will the presidential election take place on the announced date, i.e. at the end of December? The opposition in doubt, the government remains calm. Information about Aurélie Bazzara-Kibangula, correspondent for .

The former Ivorian president Laurent Gbagbo will not be able to vote in the next local elections in Côte d’Ivoire, a poll scheduled for September 2. In the end, PPA-CI did not file an appeal with the Administrative Court to request that it be readmitted to the electoral roll. But he does not give up trying to win his case, as explained by François Hume-Ferkatadji, correspondent for .

A little humor in Burkina Faso, a country plagued by jihadist violence for several years and marked by two coups in 2022. The satirical series “Welcome to Kikidéni” is currently being filmed. It is signed by Aminata Diallo-Glez, who has already directed “Three men, one village” in 2005 and “Three women, one village” in 2010. They had met with great success throughout French-speaking Africa.

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