Journal of Africa – Niger: Chief of Presidential Guard, the New Strongman of the Country

General Abdourahamane Tchiani, the head of Niger’s presidential guard responsible for the downfall of elected president Mohamed Bazoum, presented himself on Friday as the country’s new strongman, before the political entourage of the ousted president denounced it as “a coup for personal convenience.”

A Russia-Africa summit concluded on Friday. A meeting marked by African concerns about the export of Ukrainian cereals, 11 days after Russia’s withdrawal from the agreement. The President of the African Union deemed Vladimir Putin’s proposals insufficient. On-site in Saint Petersburg, Caroline Dumay for .

In Senegal, opposition leader Sonko has been arrested and is the subject of a new investigation.

The prosecutor’s office stated that Mr. Sonko had “violently stolen a female gendarme’s mobile phone” and had “immediately called on the people, through a subversive message disseminated on social media, to be ready,” which is why they decided to open an investigation for “various crimes and offenses.”

A grand ceremony for the Francophonie Games in Kinshasa. Eighty thousand spectators, the maximum capacity of the immense Martyrs Stadium, came to see the approximately 3,000 young athletes and artists from around thirty countries participating in the competitions and contests scheduled for ten days in Kinshasa, the world’s largest French-speaking city with approximately fifteen million inhabitants.

In Tunisia, the dream of the 2024 Olympic Games is alive in many athletes, although many still have competitions before being selected. At the Tokyo Olympics, swimmer Ahmed Ayoub Hafnaoui shone with a gold medal in the 400-meter freestyle, and in Taekwondo, Mohamed Khalil Jendoubi won the silver. These medals give a lot of hope to young Tunisian athletes despite sometimes lacking financial means. A report by Lilia Blaise and Hamdi Tlili.

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