Niger Independence Day Celebration: Thousands of People in Niamey to Support the Coup d’Etat

Thursday, August 3rd marks the 63rd anniversary of Niger’s independence. No military parade this year, but demonstrations in support of the military junta as celebrations. Their leader, General Abdourahamane Tiani, condemns the sanctions of the ECOWAS, negotiations of which continue in Abuja.

Since April 15th, the army and paramilitaries of the RSF have been fighting in Sudan. In a report entitled “Death Has Struck at Our Door”, Amnesty International reports on the “generalization of war crimes with blind and deliberate attacks against the civilian population”.

Furthermore, the United Nations warns of the high and acute food insecurity affecting 20 million people, or nearly one in two people.

The Francophonie Games continue in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This competition shines a spotlight on the country’s athletes who train under difficult conditions throughout the year.

Thanks to this international competition, millions of dollars have been spent on building new infrastructure that will benefit athletes after the games.

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