Journal of Africa – Tunisia: Two years after the power grab by Kaïs Saïed, the political crisis persists.

On July 25th in Tunisia, the celebration of the proclamation of the Tunisian Republic in 1957 normally coincides with the country’s independence. However, today this date marks the anniversary of Kaïs Saïed’s constitutional power grab. Two years ago, he assumed presidential powers, suspended Parliament, and dismissed the government in the face of the country’s political and health crisis. A report by Lilia Blaise and Hamdi Tlili.

Wildfires have killed at least 34 people in Algeria. Firefighters have managed to control most of the fires, but around 13 are still ongoing.

Zimbabwe is in the midst of an election campaign one month before legislative, local, and presidential elections. NGOs, including Amnesty International, are concerned about the climate of this campaign, denouncing brutal repression of human rights and restrictions imposed on the opposition.

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