London police chief Cressida Dick resigns after a series of scandals

London Police Chief Cressida Dick said he was resigning on Thursday, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said, after telling her he was not satisfied with its ability to stamp out racism, sexism and other problems that remain within the force.

Trust in London’s Metropolitan Police has been shaken in recent years by revelations of the kidnapping, rape and murder of a woman by one of its officers and the culture of bullying, racial discrimination and misogyny at the London Police Station.

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Khan said he made clear to you how much change he believed was urgently needed to rebuild Londoners’ trust and confidence in the Underground and to eliminate racism, sexism, homophobia, bullying, discrimination and misogyny from it.

“I am not satisfied with the commissioner’s response,” he said, adding that immediately upon being informed of it, Dick offered her resignation, which he accepted.

“Obviously, the only way to start achieving the scale of change needed is to have new leadership at the head of the Metropolitan Police,” Khan said.

Dick said she had no choice but to step down.

“It is with great sadness that after contacting the Mayor of London today, it is clear that the Mayor no longer has sufficient confidence in my leadership to continue,” she said in a statement.


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