Malawi: 16 prominent civil society organizations join forces against DPP Chamkakala to drop Chilima’s case

A group of 16 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), under the banner of the National Advocacy Platform (NAP), have come together against the decision by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Masauko Chamkakala to drop the veep Saulos Chilima’s corruption case.

In their press briefing held on Wednesday evening in Lilongwe, the CSOs have openly condemned the DPP, saying the move amounts to abuse of his dismissal powers, something that undermines anti-corruption efforts, allows offenders to avoid consequences and promotes a culture of impunity.

“This erodes public confidence in the legal system, affects perceptions of justice and discourages investment. Development partners who witness such lack of accountability may view the country as high risk for their investments and aid initiatives, potentially leading to reduced support and cooperation in the end Ultimately, this poses a threat to the nation’s integrity, development and adherence to the rule of law,” said NAP Coordinator, Benedicto Mbewe.

The grouping has since called for the need to change the law to clarify and strengthen the limits on the powers of the Public Prosecution Service (DPP) to close cases, adding that this should ensure compliance with constitutional principles and international standards of justice.

The group has also advocated for the creation of an independent body to oversee and scrutinize prosecutorial decisions, increasing transparency and accountability.

“We call on the President to exercise his authority as outlined in section 102 (2) (b) of the Constitution to evaluate the current Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in light of serious concerns regarding his impartiality and the performance of his duties,” he said.

It has also suggested the need to invest in training and capacity building for prosecutors to ensure they adhere to the highest legal and ethical standards when making decisions.

“We need to launch public awareness campaigns to educate citizens about their rights and emphasize the legal integrity needed to fight corruption. This will also encourage a more informed and vigilant civil society,” Mbewe said.

The DPP has yet to comment on the case, but when he does we will give you an update.

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