Minister of Defense of Somalia Provides Information on the Jaale Siyaad Attack

July 29 ( – Members of the Somali Parliament’s committee on security held a special meeting today, with the presence of the Minister of Defense of Somalia, C/qadir Mohamed Nur Jama.

During the meeting, chaired by Sheikh Adan Madoobe, the Minister of Defense of Somalia briefed the parliament on the importance of Somalia’s involvement in the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), highlighting the significant role it plays in ensuring security in the region.

Following this, the members of parliament raised questions to the minister, specifically regarding the recent attack on the Jaale Siyaad military base, where 30 soldiers were killed by Al-Shabaab militants.

Minister Jama responded to these questions, expressing his willingness to answer any further inquiries or concerns raised by the parliament’s defense committee.

The Speaker of Parliament then insisted that the Minister of Defense provide immediate answers to the initial questions raised.

Minister Jama, who has been closely following the investigation into the Jaale Siyaad attack, stated, “The matter concerning the attack on the Jaale Siyaad military base is under investigation, and we are currently gathering intelligence from our security forces.”

The minister’s response indicates that the government is actively working to gather more information on the attack, and is committed to bringing those responsible to justice.

The attack on the Jaale Siyaad military base is a tragic event that highlights the ongoing challenges faced by Somalia in its fight against Al-Shabaab. The militant group has long targeted security forces and government institutions, seeking to destabilize the country and undermine its progress.

The Somali government, with the support of AMISOM and other international partners, continues to work tirelessly to enhance security measures and eliminate the threat posed by Al-Shabaab. The involvement of the Somali Parliament in discussions with the Minister of Defense demonstrates the government’s commitment to transparency and accountability in its efforts to combat terrorism.

As investigations into the Jaale Siyaad attack continue, it is crucial that the Somali government receives the necessary support from the international community to strengthen its security forces, enhance intelligence capabilities, and effectively counter the ongoing threat posed by Al-Shabaab.

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