Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Begins the First Phase of Mogadishu Tree Planting

[Mogadishu, 30 December 2022: Somalia’s Ministry of environment and climate change has handed over different types of tree seedlings to Banadir regional administration, as part of the city’s reforestation drive. This is the first step in the implementation of the president’s vision of “Green Somalia”.

The initiative aims to plant 100 thousand trees in the city of Mogadishu, to serve as an example for all other major towns in the country. The trees, which will contribute to the beautification of the city, can grow quickly and are suitable for Mogadishu’s climate, were donated by the Great Green Wall and the University of Peace.

The Deputy Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Dr. Saeed Mohamed Ali, said the ministry’s tree seedling’s hand over to the regional administration shows its commitment to realizing “Green Somalia” vision. He noted, the ministry has implemented the president’s order of beginning the reforestation of Banadir region before the end of the year by handing over the tree seedlings, which form the foundation of the process implementation.

“The best way to bring immediate results to fight climate change and revive our land is reforestation,” said Dr. Saeed.

The ministry of environment and climate change has promised to plant 10 million trees across the country. The tree planting initiative is meant to restore the country’s lost forests and green lands. It is believed, the reforestation will significantly mitigate the recurring droughts experienced across the country.

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