Netanyahu’s judicial reforms receive widespread support from Israeli protesters in the thousands.

Israel’s right-wing coalition under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu organized a large march in Jerusalem on Thursday to support controversial judicial reforms that critics argue are undemocratic.

The supporters, waving Israeli flags, gathered in front of parliament, demanding judicial reform.

The government’s proposed reforms aim to limit the authority of the Supreme Court and give politicians greater power over the selection of judges.

The administration argues that the changes are necessary to maintain a balance of power between lawmakers and the judiciary.

The reforms have deepened the divide within the nation and the coalition government. Netanyahu recently announced a pause to allow for negotiations after intense protests, strikes, and tensions among his allies.

Justice Minister Yariv Levin, the initiator of the reform, addressed the crowd, reassuring them that the government is committed to the judicial overhaul.

Finance Minister Betzalel Smotrich also spoke, promising a better future for the nation. Israelis have demonstrated each week for the last four months against the proposed judicial overhaul.

President Isaac Herzog has been negotiating with both the government and opposition to try to reach a compromise. Netanyahu expressed his gratitude for the rally on Twitter, stating that it deeply moved him.

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