A three-day Consultation meeting was held in Jowhar town, the capital of Hirshabelle, the meeting jointly organized by Hirshabelle Ministry of Public Works, , UN-HABITAT, IOM and EU discussed the causes of land disputes and how to resolve these issues, the role of the community leaders and the government can resolve conflicts together and working to promote environmental restoration.

Officials from the two councils, including State Minister of Public Works Hirshabelle and the Governor of middle Shebelle region participated this consultation between the community and local government Authority .

Some of the community attended in the consultation welcomed the program and recommended to do new procedure which government and community can work to achieve a comprehensive solution about land disputes also the participators from community defined to strengthen the judicial institutions which have a direct role in resolving these disputes.

On the other hand, the civil society organizations who attended the meeting said it was important to form a joint committee from the government and community which is responsible for land dispute resolving issues

The consultation meeting conducted today in Jowhar was the first community and local Authority meeting related land Dispute and resolving to be held in jowhar.