MOGADISHU — The Muslim World League (MWL) has completed the irrigation water canals rehabilitation project on the Shabelle River course that feeds over 300 hectares of reclaimed land in Jowhar Region, south of the Somali capital Mogadishu.

Secretary General of the Muslim World League (MWL) Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa recently said that the MWL’s International Relief Organization for Care and Development has exerted continuous efforts deep in Africa.

These efforts focus on both relief and developmental works so that the projects are continuously productive.

He stressed that the MWL provides its services to all without any discrimination obeying the Islamic teachings.

The MWL, he said, has many programs deep in the African continent, even reaching remote villages in many countries, in addition to sponsoring the orphans and widows and distributing homes.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of the International Organization for Relief, Care and Development Abdulrahman Matar said, in line with the directives of Sheikh Al-Issa, his organization has always focused on programs that enable the population to benefit from their natural resources.

The smooth flow of water on the Shabelle River course was disrupted due to the abundant sedimentation and the accumulation of garbage throughout the past 20 years. This led to cessation of agricultural works, which are the basis for development in this country.

Matar further said that the reoperation of these canals would be an important source of life for the farmers. It would lead to development and a great flurry of economic activity through the production of agricultural crops, which this country is well-known for, especially since the number of beneficiaries of these canals exceed 650 families living in 46 different villages.

Thanks to the irrigation water canals rehabilitation and reoperation project, each family will be able to reclaim 5.2 hectares of land on the banks of these canals that extend for some 4 km and have a depth and width of over 2 meters.

The MWL is carrying out a large package of development and agricultural projects in several regions of the African continent.

These include many agricultural land reclamation projects, providing water, digging and drilling water wells, and building earth dams.  Saudi Gazette report