Mogadishu, November 11, 2019: The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, HE Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, will attend the United Nations Conference on Development and Development in Nairobi.

The conference, chaired by the United Nations Development Fund (UNFPA), sets out common plans for the development of the annual and regional and global goals for stability and development.

The President’s delegation was led by diplomats and experts from the Federal Government of Somalia who were organized by their counterparts from the countries participating in the strategic plan, passing on the priorities of the Somali people and the Government.

The Director of Information and Media Relations of the President of Somalia Mr. Abdinur Mohamed Ahmed pointed out the importance of our country as the United Nations has a vital role in the recovery and development of our country.

“Federal Government to pay particular attention to the platform every looga seeking development and cooperation, as our country needs investment and support. This conference is particularly focused on issues of empowerment of women and the role of youth in leadership and development in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals that are vital to our country. ”

The President’s delegation along with the Public and Development Conference included Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Fawzia Abikar Nur and National Executive Director Mr. Nur Dirie Hersi.