New Mayors Appointed to Six Districts in Rwanda

Six districts in the country got new mayors during by-elections held on December 7 to fill various vacant positions in local administrative entities, according to the Ministry of local government.

In Musanze District, Claudien Nsengimana was elected mayor, replacing Janvier Ramuli to the top executive leadership position of the district.

For Burera District, the district council – as the electorate – voted Soline Mukamana to the district mayorship, replacing Marie-Chantal Uwanyirigira; while Vestine Mukandayisenga was elected mayor for of Gakenke District, replacing Jean-Marie Vianney Nizeyimana.

Ramuli (former Musanze District Mayor), Uwanyirigira (former Burera Mayor), and Jean-Marie Vianney Nizeyimana (former Gakenke Mayor) were dismissed after being implicated in the event which was reportedly meant for the installation of the so-called Abakono clan chief – an event the government said could impair Rwandans unity through sectarianism.

Another district that got top leader is Nyamasheke, which saw Narcisse Mupenzi elected its mayor. He replaces Appolonie Mukamasabo, who was dismissed on August 28 by the district council which cited misconduct and failure to accomplish her duties.

In Karongi District, Valentine Mukase was elected mayor. Her predecessor, Vestine Mukarutesi, was suspended from the position of Mayor by the district council on October 23, citing failure to accomplish her duties.

In Rubavu District, Prosper Mulindwa was voted its mayor, replacing Ildephonse Kambogo.

Kambogo resigned on Friday, May 5, during an extra-ordinary seating of the district’s advisory council. According to the Ministry of Local Government, Kambogo’s resignation of was linked to mismanagement of the disaster response effort in his area.

Meanwhile, there are also some districts that got vice mayors – both for finance and economic development, and for social affairs – as well as members of district councils.

Speaking to The New Times, the Chairperson National Electoral Commission, Oda Gasinzigwa said that overall, the by-elections went well, with a high electorate turnup, which shows that Rwandans attach importance to polls, and that they need their leaders.

A call for delivering to mandate, better serving the people

Given that some leaders left their positions as a result of not fulfilling their responsibilities, such as those who were dismissed, Gasinzigwa said that new leaders should assume their responsibilities to honour the trust people have in them.

”Election is meant for having leaders who serve the people and effectively fulfil their responsibilities so that those who voted for them and the pledges they made during campaigns bring about change in line with citizens’ development,” she said, wishing the best to the elected.

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