New Russian attacks targeting Odessa, says the local governor

For the second night in a row since the expiration of a crucial grain deal, Russia has launched airstrikes against the port of Odessa on the Black Sea coast, a Ukrainian official announced early Wednesday. Follow, hour by hour, the events of the war in Ukraine.


“All clear! Details of the consequences of Moscow’s massive attack on Odessa will be given later,” regional governor Oleh Kiper said on Telegram.

Earlier, the Kyiv Air Force reported detecting Kalibr missile launches from the Black Sea without giving details, according to a post on the same social network.

During the night, air raid alerts were also sounded in a dozen Ukrainian regions.

02:39: Ukraine condemns a new Russian attack on Odessa

Russia on Wednesday launched airstrikes against the port of Odessa, on the Black Sea coast, for the second night in a row. The governor of the Odessa region, Oleh Kiper, indicated on social networks that the anti-aircraft defense systems were at work and urged the population to stay under cover.

“(They’re) trying to scare the whole world, especially those who want to work on the grain deal. Ukraine, Turkey and the United Nations,” the military administration’s spokesman said early Wednesday. Odessa. “However, I think that any normal, reasonable person will see this and say: Odessa was not afraid, is not afraid and will not be afraid – we will work,” added Serhy Bratchouk.

01:16: London worried about “Russian intervention in Ukraine” since 2001

In a confidential July 2001 memo, British foreign policy adviser Roger Liddle spoke of the “worst case” scenario of a “Russian intervention in Ukraine” and Ukrainians’ expected resistance to “the hard-hitting erosion of independence gained from their country”.

The memo, addressed to then-prime minister Tony Blair, is among hundreds of pages of British government files relating to Ukraine made public on Wednesday. They relate to the period 2001-2002. They show Britain’s difficulties in responding to Ukraine’s aspirations to join NATO and the EU.

The UK should forge “a closer relationship” with Kiev to prevent a “Russian intervention in Ukraine”, the senior government adviser recommended at the time.

July 18 Essentials

The US General Staff assured on Tuesday that Ukraine has “significant” reserves for its counter-offensive, but predicted it will be “bloody” and “long”.

Russia on Tuesday warned Ukraine against its plans to continue grain exports through the Black Sea, warning that there were no more “security guarantees” after the expiration of a deal that allowed them to be transported despite the war. Kiev said Ukrainian “port infrastructure” was damaged in a Russian missile attack targeting Odessa overnight.

AFP and Reuters

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