The Somali Women Journalists Rights Association (SOWJRA) is supporting a national women’s conference sponsored by the Ministry of Women and Human Rights,

which was opened by the First Lady of Somalia Saynab Abdi Mo’allim and was closed by the Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre on 6th March 2019 with the thematic positioning the protection the rights of everyone.

Minister of women and human rights development her excellence Deko Yasiin Haji Yusuf used to exploit the opportunity to revise the constitutional review framework in consultation with and full participation from women they can benefit greatly from their input in the Somali constitution and the call of the first lady which expressed the union of Somali women and the women’s co-operation and support of one another and the release communiqué of the conference.

Therefore, Somali Women Journalists Rights Association (SOWJRA) fully supports the women’s rights conference in Mogadishu. SOWJRA also calls for cooperation, solidarity and the full support of women throughout their ages. We also welcome the international women’s day and congratulate women of the world and the Horn of Africa, especially Somali women, to celebrate the occasion.