Mogadishu — A car bomb has exploded in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu, and battles are reportedly underway in a government building. At least four people are dead, according to the police.

The terrorist movement al-Shabaab says it is behind the attack, where a person entered a car with a bomb against a ministry for others to enter.

We are inside the building and the fighting is ongoing, says a spokesperson for the group.

The police have confirmed that this is a suicide bomber in a car, and that the attack was followed by gunfire in an area of government buildings.

A witness stated that a large explosion was heard, and that heavy smoke appeared to be bolma from the place.

Eleven people have been injured, according to information from the rescue service, which also states that people are still stuck inside the building.

The terrorist movement al-Shabaab has previously taken on a series of deeds in the city.