Peace conference between warring communities kicks off in Mataban District Hiiraan Region

A peace conference has started in Madhaxmaroodhi village in Mataban District, Hiiran Region in Hirshabelle State between two warring clans aimed at reaching a long lasting peace and stability in Mataban District. The on-going peace conference is a culmination of a series of dialogue efforts that started last year in Mataban Districtin order to reach an everlasting peace between the two warring communities.

Ugas Hassan Ugas Mohamed and UgasYussufUgas Hassan from the two warring communities spearheaded the efforts and took the leading role in achieving peace and reconciliation in the District and the surrounding villages.

Over 300 people drawn from the two communities including renowned elders, the local administrations, the religious groups and other invited clans who share resources and act as mediators converged in Madhaxmaroodi village for couple of days to deliberate on peace accord between the two communities.

The conference is expected to yield an agreement between the two communities to end the hostilities and seek peace, reconciliation and unity among the communities living in Mataban District and the surrounding villages.

Zamzam Foundation facilitates the peace conference in close coordination with the Ministry of Reconciliation and Resettlement Hirshabelle State with support from Somali Stability Fund (SSF)

.peace conference between warring communities kicks off in mataban district hiiraan region

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