President Farmajo accuses foreign countries of interfering in elections

The outgoing president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo who addressed the parliament today acknowledged that there is foreign interference in the country.

Although not mentioned in the President’s intervention in Somalia has said that it has reached agreement looga missing part of the foreign intervention gelintaas.

“In general, the situation in Somalia and the electoral process really involves foreign interference. I am not saying that any region is more prone to interference. But in fact, that intervention is not good for us, ”said President Farmajo.

Somalia’s Information Minister Osman Dubbe has previously accused the Kenyan government of meddling in Somalia’s internal affairs, specifically in support of Jubaland’s president in a political battle with Villa Somalia.

President Farmajo also said in his speech today that there will be no constitutional vacancy, with only two days left in his term, which ends on Monday, the 8th of this month.

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