Somali government unveils agreement of technical committees meeting in Baidoa

The Federal Government of Somalia has tonight unveiled the terms of reference agreed upon by the Technical Committee of the Federal Government and State Governments which met on 15-16 February in Baidoa.

The statement from the committee said that the committee discussed in depth how to hold elections for both houses of parliament and the presidency for a certain period of time.

The Technical Committee has extensively discussed three key issues in Somalia’s electoral dispute, namely the Electoral Commission, the Simaliland issue and the Gedo region between the Federal Government and Jubbaland.

The committee also made recommendations on these and other issues that the heads of state and regional administrations have not agreed on several times, and would refer them to a meeting of the leaders for discussion.

Read below the press release of the Baidoa Technical Committee.

somali government unveils agreement of technical committees meeting in baidoa

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