Somali planning minister slams UK MP

Jan 20 ( -Somalia’s Minister of Planning, Jamal Mohamed Hassan, has reacted strongly to a tweet from Gavin Williamson, a Member of the UK Parliament who tabled a motion to recognize Somaliland.

Minister Jamaal said in a statement that the UK Member of Parliament was ignorant and did not know much about the internal affairs of Somalia.

“This really shows your ignorance of the situation inside. “A person who has been honorably dismissed from his government job after leaking secrets related to his national security should not interfere in the internal affairs of an independent country,” said Minister Jamaal.

Gavin, who presented the debate to members of parliament, said it was time for the UK to recognize Somaliland.

But the UK Parliament has agreed that the issue of Somaliland’s recognition rests with an agreement reached with the Somali government. However, talks between the federal government of Somalia and the so-called Somaliland administration came to a standstill after several meetings between the two sides.

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