At least fifteen people were killed and dozens wounded in a car bomb explosion near a large hotel in central Mogadishu, relief workers said Thursday.

“Our teams have found fifteen bodies and dozens wounded – but this is not the final record,” Abdukadir Abdirahman, director of ambulance service Aamin Ambulance Service , told Journalist .

Death toll is sure to rise because we believe there are more casualties inside the hotel building and the Al Shabaab militants are anticipated to be inside,” he told our journalist

“Our teams are still working,” he said. It was not known at the time if the car bomb had been activated by a suicide bomber.

“There was a huge car bomb explosion on Maka Al-Mukarama street,” police officer Mohamed Farah said. “It’s destroyed a lot of shops and vehicles.”

Witnesses described the explosion that hit one of the busiest streets in the Somali capital.

At the time of the attack, in the early evening, the street was full of people resting after a day of work.

“The whole area was in flames and I could see the ambulances rushing to the spot,” said Abdisamed Mohamed, a witness.

“There was also shooting, but we do not know who shot.” There was a second explosion in the same area a few minutes later, but we did not know where it came from.

The attack was not claimed. But Mogadishu is usually targeted by al-Qaeda linked Shabab attacks and is frequently carrying out attacks in and around the capital

Shabab fighters were driven from the capital, Mogadishu, in 2011 and then gradually from other major cities in the country by African Union troops(Amison). But they still control large areas of territory in the countryside.

Journalist Ali Musa