MOGADISHU, Somalia— The U.S. military says it has carried out four air strikes against al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab in Somalia, killing two militants.

Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Gregg Olson, U.S. Africa Command director of operations says two air strikes on Feb. 23 were conducted near Kunyow Barrow area, some 250km southwest of Mogadishu.

Olson says the other two strike were also executed near Awdeegle and Janalle towns held by Al Shabaab in support of the government of Somalia.

He confirmed two Al Shabaab militants were killed in the bombing.

Maj. Gen. Gregg Olson said the airstrikes also destroyed checkpoints and facilities used by al-Shabaab to collect illegal taxes to fund terrorist activities and to oppress the innocent people of Somalia.

“Somali-led operations continue to place pressure on the al-Shabaab network, creating conditions for enhanced stability and security,” he said.

He noted such airstrikes could help to disrupt al-Shabaab operations and the network while preventing future attacks by this terrorist group.

Maj. Gen. Olson stated that no civilian was killed or injured in the latest air raids.

The U.S. military says its forces will use all effective and appropriate methods to assist Somali army and African Union troops fighting against Al Shabaab in Somalia.

Reporting by Abdirisak Mohamud Tuuryare from Mogadishu, Somalia