Covid-19: Melinda Gates warns of ‘vaccinationalism’

Melinda Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, gave an interview to Jowharduring the third edition of the Paris Peace Forum, which is being held practically this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Amid high hopes for a coronavirus vaccine, Gates warned against “vaccinationalism” and declared that a global initiative called the ACT Accelerator aims to “get vaccines out to everyone around the world at affordable prices”.

On Thursday, Melinda Gates announced that in an effort to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, another $ 70 million would be allocated to ACT-Accelerator, a global initiative by the WHO and other global health organizations to “get vaccines to everyone around the world at affordable prices. “.

“The whole purpose of the ACT Accelerator is to ensure that there is no vaccinationalism, so that the vaccine begins to spread immediately to the whole world: first to healthcare professionals, then slowly but surely to vulnerable populations and everyone else,” Gates told FRANCE 24.

“If we do not do that, we will have the same situation as we see today, for example in Australia and New Zealand. They have done a phenomenal job of protecting their citizens from Covid and really eliminating it in their countries, but then they re-import when people enter the country, ”she explained.

“This disease will bounce around if we do not address it in a way that shows solidarity and global cooperation,” Gates concluded.