Denmark closes store during Christmas to combat rising cases of Covid-19

The Danish Prime Minister said on Wednesday that the country will close malls and shops during the holidays when coronavirus cases continue to rise.

“Denmark will be closed from Friday 25 December to 3 January,” said Mette Frederiksen, adding that grocery stores and pharmacies would be excluded.

Shopping malls will be closed as soon as Thursday, while another part of the activities will close on December 21 before non-essential stores close from Christmas Day.

Earlier this week, Denmark had already expanded nationwide measures already in place in major cities and across most of the country, including closing bars and restaurants, schools, sports facilities and cultural centers.

On Wednesday, health authorities registered nearly 3,700 new cases and 14 deaths in 24 hours in the country of 5.8 million people.

Denmark looks set to soon be over 120,000 total cases and 1,000 deaths, and Prime Minister Frederiksen said authorities fear that January and February could be the worst months of the pandemic.

She urged Danes to celebrate Christmas only with small gatherings.

The World Health Organization on Wednesday urged Europeans to wear masks as they celebrate Christmas and New Year with their families and warns of a “high risk” of a jump in the case of coronavirus in early 2021.