“Do they live?” Ethiopians in Paris fear for loved ones in the Tigray conflict

The Ethiopian government has declared victory in its war against a rebel militia in the northern Tigray region, but fighting continues to hamper aid efforts and remorseful foreigners are without news of their loved ones. FRANCE 24’s Clovis Casali spoke to members of the Tigrayan community in the French capital.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ordered troops to Tigray on November 4 after alleged attacks by Tigray People’s Liberation Front forces on federal military camps in the northern region.

Abiy, the winner of last year’s Nobel Peace Prize, declared victory in Tigray on November 28, but continued fighting has prevented aid efforts and the UN refugee agency says the humanitarian situation is “increasingly critical”.

“Everything is closed, nothing can come in. So what do they eat? Do they live? Asks Eleni, a remorseful Tigrayan outing in Paris, who has been without news of her loved ones for several weeks.

“I have not slept in a month. I wake up and try to call, even though I know phones do not work there, she adds.

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