Donald Trump “should make it clear that our choices are safe,” said HR McMaster

Retired Lieutenant General HR McMaster served as the US National Security Adviser to President Donald Trump from March 2017 to April 2018. In an interview with FRANCE 24, he condemned Trump’s refusal to concede defeat to Joe Biden in the presidential election. McMaster said that while “we should not worry about” Trump holding on to power, “the president should make it clear that our choices are safe, which they are.

US President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser HR McMaster told Jowharthat despite Trump’s refusal to recognize the election result, there was no reason to worry that he would hold on to power. McMaster said US institutions were solid and rejected the idea that the transition to a Biden administration would be jeopardized.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Trump’s decision, adding that the move was “in the hands of Russian President Vladimir Putin.” “No leader, including the president, should help Vladimir Putin do that,” the former national security adviser told FRANCE 24. He added that subsequent US presidents had tried and failed to repair the fence with the Russian leader, saying it was unrealistic to expect a better relationship with Putin.

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McMaster credited the Trump administration for taking a “long-delayed” stronger stance toward China, which he described as a top priority for the incoming government.

Finally, he called on the Biden administration to renegotiate a “better” nuclear deal with Iran instead of simply going back to the 2015 agreement, saying the next government should refrain from systematically regretting what was done during the Trump presidency on foreign policy.