Dozens arrested in London for protests against lock-in

London police said on Saturday they had made more than 60 arrests and expected the number to increase as they tried to break protests against lock-in and anti-vaccine.

Police said the arrests had been made for various crimes including violations of coronavirus restrictions. England’s current lockdown ends on 2 December.

Former police officers lined up on a number of streets in London’s West End shopping district and confronted a lot of protesters in St. James’s Park, close to Westminster. The anti-lockdown protesters were joined by groups opposed to the COVID-19 vaccine.

A police estimated the protesters, who held up signs saying “Defend freedom, defend humanity”, numbered between 300 and 400th

“Crowds continue to protest and gather near Oxford Circus and Regent Street,” Metropolitan Police said on Twitter. “We urge people to leave the area and go home. If not, you can take action or take action.”