France is tightening border restrictions to limit the spread of Covid-19 variants

France has begun imposing strict new border restrictions, banning all but significant travel from outside the EU and tightening Covid-19 test requirements for travelers from the 27-nation bloc.

Prime Minister Jean Castex said that as of Sunday, “any entry into France and any exit from our territory to or from a country outside the European Union will be” prohibited “- except for exceptional reasons, such as the death of a loved one.

In addition, arrivals from the EU must now present a negative PCR test.

The travel ban does not apply to cross-border workers, truck drivers, health workers and diplomats, government authorities have said.

The new restrictions are part of an effort to limit the spread of new, more contagious variants of coronavirus, which already accounts for more than 10% of infections across the country.

The government has ordered that all non-grocery stores be closed and maintains a curfew for 18:00, but has so far resisted calls for a further lockdown.

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