French health authorities describe the country’s Covid-19 vaccination plan

On Monday, France’s national health authority unveiled its five-step vaccination strategy, which aims to prioritize the elderly and those most at risk from Covid-19.

France’s launch of the Covid-19 vaccine will begin in late December or early January. The French national health authority, the Haute Autorité de Santé, has outlined a five-step plan to prioritize the most vulnerable people.

Phase I: The country’s highest priority is to vaccinate the estimated 650,000 elderly residents living in nursing homes.

Phase II: Vaccine shot for people over 75, then people over 65 with comorbidity (this is the presence of one or more additional medical conditions that often occur or occur at the same time as a primary condition), and finally all other people aged 65 to 74 .

Phase III: Vaccinate people over 50, then people under 50 with complications.

Phase IV: People who have been in high-risk contact with cases of coronavirus would then be offered a vaccine shot.

Phase V: All other people over the age of 18 without complications. But vaccination is not mandatory in France.

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