French incest store sparks ‘hundreds’ ## Metooinceste testimony on Twitter

In the wake of the Olivier Duhamel affair, when this leading French political scientist was accused of incestuous sexual abuse of his stepson, a hashtag #Metooinceste triggered “hundreds” of testimonies on Twitter on Saturday, according to the French feminist movement #Noustoutes.

“He was my grandfather”, “the family’s cool uncle”, “it happened when I was 6 to 14 years old”: these were the beginning of some of the testimonies posted on Twitter on Saturday under the new hashtag #Metooinceste.

Following the model of the global #Metoo movement that condemned sexual abuse and harassment from 2017, this new hashtag “in the wake of the publication of Camille Kouchner’s book,” La Familia Grande “, notes #Noustoutes in a statement.

This book reveals that Kouchner’s brother was the victim of incest by his stepfather, political scientist Olivier Duhamel, when he was 14 years old.

For #Noustoutes, “these testimonies confirm what child welfare workers have said and repeated for many years.”

“People who commit incest crimes come from all walks of life, adults react little or badly when the victims rely on them and the signals from the victims are” not heard “.

The movement believes that “we have the opportunity to detect this violence very quickly and stop it”, and advocates in particular “massive prevention campaigns” and better education for professionals working in contact with children.

#MeTooInceste is currently trending in #France. The victims of incest share their stories. It’s heartbreaking and really tough to read these stories. I can only hope that justice will be served. Lots of love, respect and support for the victims.

The hashtag #Metooinceste was in second place in France’s Twitter trends on Saturday night.

“I was 5 years old. One night my mother’s brother stole my virginity In a second I was 100 years old”, reported a Twitter user. “I was playing Lego. He was walking behind my back. It was the end of growing up. I had stopped living,” another testified.

“The first time, I was three years old, my cousin was 14. I was scared. A lifetime of trauma and memory loss for several years,” a third confided.

Incest is still a deeply taboo subject in French society, although it is said to be a major problem in France with almost one in 10 people being affected.

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