French lesbian drama ‘Two of Us’ among international Oscars shortlist

An older lesbian romance from France, a spirited Mads Mikkelsen comedy from Denmark and a Netflix music drama from Mexico are among the hopeful Oscars on the best foreign film list announced on Tuesday.

Fifteen contestants for the international feature film Academy Award were selected from 93 eligible entries and will be nominated for five nominees next month, before the April Oscars ceremony.

The Danish tragicomedy “Another Round” plays former James Bond villain Mikkelsen as a middle-aged alcoholic who promises to get drunk every day, as part of a pseudo-scientific experiment with three fellow teachers.

The film, which received a Golden Globe nomination last week, debuted at last year’s Toronto Festival and was called an “engaging tribute to friendship, family and bacchanalian hedonism in moderation” by The Hollywood Reporter.

It will compete with Mexican teen drama “I’m No Longer Here”, which is part of the colorful Latin American music tradition in Cumbia, and France’s “Two of Us”, about a couple of retired women who have kept their passionate business secret for decades. .

Last year’s international Oscar went to South Korea’s “Parasite”, which became the first winner to also receive the overall best picture.

The country failed to make this edition’s shortlist, with East Asia represented by Taiwan’s acclaimed family drama “A Sun” and Hong Kong’s bullying saga “Better Days” in high school.

But “Parasite” distributor Neon hopes for repeated glory with Ivory Coast’s “King’s Night,” a mysterious fable told within the walls of the African country’s infamous Maca prison.

“La Llorona”, a modern political retelling of the horror story of folklore, avenged by ruthless military leaders and indigenous tribes, hopes to become Guatemala’s first nominated film.

Romania and Tunisia – also never nominated – made the cut with their contributions as well.

Submissions from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, the Czech Republic, Iran, Norway and Russia round out the international list of feature films.

Italy’s contribution “Notturno” was not included in the international shortlist, although no country has won more Oscars in the category than Federico Fellini’s country.

But “Notturno”, which is about everyday people fleeing devastating conflicts in the Middle East, instead made the best documentary Oscar list – also revealed on Tuesday.

It will compete with the handicap documentary “Crip Camp” from Obama’s production house, as well as the Wuhan pandemic hospital movie “76 Days”, “Texas teen political portrait” Boys State “and the prison system has” Time “.

This year’s Oscar, delayed by the pandemic, takes place on April 25.