French medical centers were forced to suspend Covid-19 vaccinations

Nearly 2 million people in France have received their first injection of the Covid-19 vaccine to date, and more than 350,000 have received their second shot, the Ministry of Health said on Tuesday. However, many vaccination centers do not have enough doses to meet demand and meetings in the coming weeks are scarce.

A vaccination center near Paris has only reached about a third of its capacity due to lack of supplies and thus delayed deliveries of Covid-19 vaccination.

“It has been very difficult, because meeting places were filled very quickly, and we had to stop booking as soon as we found out that there was a problem with the deliveries,” says Alain Assouline, a doctor at the center.

Those who managed to get a meeting spent hours calling or updating the booking pages.

“I’m stubborn, I was determined. And suddenly it worked. I was really lucky,” said one woman in the center.

The French government is now counting on the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine to speed up the program and says France is about to vaccinate 3.5-4 million people by the end of February.

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