French sailor Escoffier rescued by rival during Vendée Globe yacht race

French Vendee Globe sailor Kevin Escoffier was reported “safe and sound” after being rescued from the Atlantic off the Cape by good hopes of rival skipper Jean Le Cam in his monohole Hubert on Tuesday.

PRB’s skipper had to abandon his ship on Monday afternoon and had hovered in a life raft.

“A huge relief. Kevin is well aboard Hubert in good health,” Le Cam tweeted.

Vendee Globe organizers said they had received a message from Le Cam informing them of the successful rescue around 0100 GMT.

“No one has yet been able to talk to the PRB skipper who just seemed smiling, bundled in his survival suit along with Jean Le Cam,” the organizers said in an online statement.

Both sailors seemed good, they added, saying the news was a “great relief for the whole team.”

Escoffier endured five meters of swelling with water temperatures of 10 Celsius (50 Fahrenheit) before being rescued.

Le Cam and all competitors involved in the rescue operation will be able to return to the race after recovery, with the hours taken deducted from their total time in the worldwide race.

The 40-year-old Escoffier sailed a new style of “foiler” – or “flying boat” – that lifts out of the water on a foil in high winds.

The films have proved strong on the list of ships that have serious maintenance problems with the Welsh skipper Alex Thomson who is already out of the competition.