Get the late football legend Maradona’s first steps back when Buenos Aires mourns

Jowharcontinues its look at Diego Maradona’s life and those who loved the Argentine football legend, who died last week at the age of 60. Here we reflect the young Maradona’s first steps in Buenos Aires as a nation continues to mourn its fallen hero.

Jowharvisits Villa Florito, one of the most modest suburbs of the Argentine capital, where Maradona was born and raised, as well as some of the places for his biggest football victories.

“Diego was unique in the world. That’s why we want to hire him, so that all Boca fans can enjoy this moment,” one of the late star’s fans told Jowharoutside Bombonera, where Maradona turned his head with Boca Juniors. “He was our brightest star and the heart and soul of the club.”

FRANCE 24’s Simon Harding, Florent Rodo, Mohamed Farhat and Romain Lehodey report.

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