Guinea’s President Alpha Condé wins re-election with 59.5% of the vote


Guinea’s President Alpha Condé has won 59.49 percent of the vote in a highly controversial election, seeking a controversial third term, according to preliminary results announced by the country’s electoral authority on Saturday.

His main rival, opposition politician Cellou Dalein Diallo – who claimed victory before the results were announced – received 33.5 percent of the vote, according to the election authority.

Police were out in force in the capital Conakry during the announcement, an AFP journalist said after days of post-election violence in which at least nine people were killed.

Much of the controversy in Guinea is about a third term for Conde, 82.

In March, the president pushed through a new constitution that he claimed would modernize the country. But it also allowed him to circumvent a two-term limit for presidents.

Security forces suppressed mass protests against the move from October last year, killing dozens of people.

Diallo, 68, was the president’s main rival in the October 18 presidential election and played a crucial role in organizing opposition to a third term for Condé.

He declared himself victorious the day after election day – referring to results that his activists had gathered from the individual polling stations.

Opponents of the opposition are deeply suspicious of the independence of Guinea’s electoral authority, although the government insists the electoral process is fair.