Hervé Le Tellier wins the Goncourt Prize, France’s most prestigious literature prize

The French author Hervé Le Tellier has been awarded the Goncourt Prize for his novel “L’Anomalie” (The Anomaly). France’s foremost literary honor was attributed to the video link due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Le Tellier, 63, is a mathematician by education and a former journalist. He is the president of the international literary group Oulipo, founded in France by the poet Raymond Queneau and the author and researcher François Le Lionnais in 1960.

Le Tellier’s “L’Anomalie” received eight votes from the Goncourt jury to win the country’s most prestigious book award. Finalist Maël Renouard meanwhile won two votes for “L’Historiographe du royaume” (Kingdom Historiographer).

The 2020 Renaudot Prize, awarded after Goncourt as traditional, went to author Marie-Hélène Lafon for her novel “Histoire du fils” (A Son’s Story).

( Jowharwith AFP)