Hunter Biden under investigation for tax issues, he says

President-elect Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, a target for attacks by President Donald Trump and his Republican allies during the White House campaign, said on Wednesday that the U.S. law firm in Delaware is investigating his tax issues.

“I take this issue very seriously, but I am convinced that a professional and objective review of these issues will show that I handled my business legally and appropriately, including for the benefit of professional tax advisers,” said Hunter Biden in a statement.

He said he learned of the investigation on Tuesday when prosecutors informed his lawyer about the probe.

President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team released a statement on Wednesday saying Biden “is deeply proud of his son, who has struggled through difficult challenges, including the vicious personal attacks in recent months, only to emerge stronger.”

CNN reported that investigators have investigated several financial issues, including whether Hunter Biden and his associates have violated tax and money laundering laws in business in foreign countries, primarily China, according to two people informed about the probe.

The investigation began as early as 2018, before William Barr arrived as a lawyer, two people told CNN about the investigation.

Reuters could not confirm the report. The U.S. Attorney’s Office declined to comment, and Hunter Biden’s attorney could not be immediately reached for comment.

During the campaign, Trump and Republicans questioned potential conflicts of interest from Hunter Biden’s position on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma when his father was vice president of Democratic President Barack Obama.

Trump was accused by the Democratic majority in the US House of Representatives but acquitted by the Senate in February on charges of abuse of power and obstacles to Congress as a result of his efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden.

During the campaign, Trump called for China to investigate the involvement of Biden’s son in a fund that sought to raise Chinese capital. Trump accused Hunter Biden of using his influence to secure China’s financial support for his investments.

Trump never provided evidence to support this claim, and Hunter Biden has repeatedly denied wrongdoing. Joe Biden won the election on November 3. Trump has raised numerous lawsuits to repeal the results. no one has succeeded.

A source familiar with the newly revealed investigation, which asked not to be identified, told Reuters: “This is not related to the attacks the Trump team and their allies made on Hunter during the campaign.”