Latin America under pressure to vaccinate in the midst of Covid-19 tolls

Coronavirus infections have now surpassed 90 million confirmed cases worldwide as countries support the wider spread of more virulent strains and Covid-19 has now killed more than two million people. In Latin America, officials are fighting to keep an increase in new infections and millions are waiting for vaccines.

Health care is under heavy pressure to accelerate vaccine development in Brazil, for one. The second worst-affected country in the world has registered more than eight million cases of coronavirus since the pandemic began and its death toll exceeded 200,000 last week. More than 1,000 Brazilians die on average from Covid-19 every day, but the country has not yet started administering vaccinations against the disease and is behind Argentina and Mexico.

In Mexico, 90 percent of hospital beds are now occupied and a sharp increase in coronavirus infections is driving a lack of oxygen needed for treatment.

FRANCE 24’s Andrew Hilliar has this report. To watch, click on the video player above.