Marie Antoinette’s silk shoes are on the block in Versailles

A silk shoe belonging to Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France executed during the French Revolution, will be auctioned on Sunday with a starting price of 10,000 euros (11,800 dollars).

The sale takes place in the Palace of Versailles, where the Queen – who has gone down in history as a symbol of the French monarch’s exaggeration – and King Louis XVI held court before being guillotined in 1793.

The shoe bears her name on the heel and Jean-Pierre Osenat, from the auction house that carries out the sale, said that she is believed to have used it regularly during her daily life at the palace.

During the French Revolution, the shoe ended up in Marie-Emilie Leschevin, a close friend of the Queen’s headmistress, and whose husband was later killed by the guillotine.

Her family kept at it for generations before it came up for auction 227 years after her death.

“This auction comes at a time when the French are facing real uncertainty about their values, and many of them are sticking to France’s history,” says Osenat. “Marie Antoinette is someone who arouses the interest of the whole world.”

( Jowharwith REUTERS and AFP)