Music producer for presidential candidate Bobi Wine injured in clashes in Uganda


A music producer for the Ugandan pop star and presidential candidate Bobi Wine has been injured in the mouth by a rubber bullet during clashes between security personnel and Wine’s supporters, a spokesman for his party and police said on Tuesday.

The incident is the latest in an escalating violence in the East African country as authorities crack down on supporters of Wine, who are trying to end President Yoweri Museveni’s (76) long rule in an election scheduled for January 14.

Joel Senyonyi, spokesman for Wine’s National Unity Platform (NUP), said Daniel Oyerwot was hit by the rubber bullet while sitting with Wine in a car that was part of a convoy.

Vin, whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi, and his followers were on their way to a campaign site in the Kayunga district, about 65 km north of the capital Kampala.

“He was shot with a rubber bullet, he has lost some teeth and his mouth is torn,” Senyonyi said.

A film broadcast on Ghetto TV, an online broadcaster affiliated with the NUP, showed Wine at a hospital holding Oyerwot’s hand while he was lying on a bed, with a blood-stained bandage covering part of his mouth.

Police spokesman Patrick Onyango said in a statement that NUP supporters had attacked security personnel and disrupted traffic and that three people, including Oyerwot, had been injured by “tear gas fragments” when police and the military dispersed them.

Wine said on Twitter that several of his staff had been injured and that some were in critical condition.

The singer also said he and his followers had tried to move to another campaign site, located in Jinja in eastern Uganda, but security personnel had blocked him, shot and blown out the tires of his car.

Another bullet shattered the car’s windshield and punched a hole in it, Wine added.

Last month, a total of 54 people were killed, Museveni said on Sunday, as police and the military fought to quell riots in several cities that erupted after Vin was arrested for alleged violations of anticoron virus rules.