Napoli Stadium was renamed after Maradona to honor their football legend

The Italian side of Napoli’s San Paolo stadium has officially changed its name to Diego Armando Maradona Stadium after the late Argentine striker who led them to their only two Serie A titles and the UEFA Cup, the city council said on Friday.

Maradona died last week after suffering a heart attack at his home in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, less than a month after his 60th birthday.

The City Council approved the resolution proposed by Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris to change the stadium name to honor the World Cup, which scored 115 goals in seven years at the club.

“I have been in talks with local authorities for the last 17 years, I have always asked to buy the arena and rename it ‘Diego Armando Maradona’,” Naples president Aurelio de Laurentiis told Sky in Italy.

“If we, for the tradition, will have to call it both ‘San Paolo’ and ‘Maradona’, so be it. It will not change much, but it is only right that Maradona has this recognition. Even if we were to build a whole new stadium, I would call it that.

“Your years here remain indelible in the memories of the people of Naples – symbolic of a coveted redemption and longing for resurrection.”

Maradona signed for Napoli in 1984 and helped the club conquer the northern teams such as Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan – seen as the aristocratic establishment of Italian football, and turned card A Serie A upside down.