NASA releases panoramic view of Mars from Perseverance Rovers ‘Sweet Spot’

The US space agency NASA released a spectacular panoramic view on Wednesday of the landing site of Perseverance Rover on Mars.

The panorama shows the edge of the Jezero crater where the rover touched last week and the cliff surface of an old river delta in the distance.

It was taken by rotating the mast 360 degrees. The mast is equipped with dual zoomable cameras that can capture high definition video and images.

The panorama consists of 142 individual images that are sewn together on earth, says NASA.

“We are nestled in a cute place, where you can see various features that are in many ways similar to the features of Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity on their landing sites,” said Jim Bell of Arizona State University’s School of Earth and Space Exploration. .

Spirit, opportunity and curiosity were previous missions to Mars.

NASA said the rovers’ cameras will help scientists assess the geological history and atmospheric conditions in the Jezero Crater and identify rocks and sediments that are worthy of closer examination and collection for possible return to Earth.

On Monday, the US space agency released the first sound from Mars, a faint crackling recording of a gust of wind captured by the rover’s microphone.

NASA also released video of the landing of the rover, which is on a mission to search for signs of past life on the red planet.