No, bells did not ring over Paris to celebrate the election of Joe Biden

Shortly after the announcement of Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election on November 7, Internet users shared a video showing churches ringing the bell in the Paris region. According to these users, these churches expressed their joy at the election of the Democratic candidate. In fact, these bells rang for a completely different reason.

On Saturday, November 7, the Associated Press officially announced that Joe Biden was the winner of the US presidential election. 11:25 in the eastern time zone, at .

At 5.45 pm, a Twitter user posted a video filmed in the Paris region, with the Eiffel Tower visible in the distance and the sound of church bells ringing. She wrote: “The bells are ringing in Paris at 17.45, Biden / Harris, the world is watching us!”. Many Internet users shared her video, which was viewed more than 1.5 million times and relocated to YouTube.

Why it’s wrong

Contacted by Jowharobservers on Sunday, November 8, the diocese of Paris first declared that it did not know of any bells ringing in connection with the election of Joe Biden, as no instructions had been given about this. The diocese of Nanterre, in the Hauts-de-Seine department, sent us a communication at the end of the day on November 8 with a description of the reasons why the bells rang: In the diocese of Nanterre, most church bells are automatically programmed to call believers to gather for Mass or for other celebrations. As every Saturday night at 5.45 pm, bells rang from the Notre-Dame de l’Assomption church in Meudon to announce the mass at 6 pm

This weekend, it was confirmed that religious services were banned by the French state due to the Covid-19 crisis. Several assemblies were waiting for the Conseil d’Etat and the summary judge to return to the effective suspension, or not, of the restrictions imposed during the state of emergency […]. The answer was published late yesterday, some of our bell towers could not be moved and announced celebrations that unfortunately could not finally take place. This is the case for the bells of the Notre-Dame de l’Assomption church in Meudon, which can be seen and heard in a video shared on social media by a resident of the city.

Below is a complete press release: The Internet user who published the video has since deleted it. In another tweet, she explained that she had checked the recording time, which could “correspond to Vespers’ celebration [an evening prayer service observed by Catholics, editor’s note]”adding that” I might just be preoccupied with emotions, but it was a wonderful coincidence “.