NYC’s Yankee Stadium opens as a vaccine hub for the hard-hit Bronx

New York City’s Yankee Stadium opened for Covid-19 vaccinations on Friday with inoculations reserved exclusively for residents of the Bronx, the city’s hardest-hit neighborhood. FRANCE 24’s Jessica Le Masurier reports.

New York’s legendary baseball stadium has been transformed into a giant inoculation center where vaccines are strictly for residents of the Bronx, the city’s hardest hit neighborhood.

New York City has been embroiled in controversy over the slow rollout of vaccinations for African Americans and Hispanics. White residents of the city are currently three times more likely to get the vaccine than Latinos and four times more likely than black residents.

Many minority communities are reportedly reluctant to get the vaccine with only 14% of black Americans and 34% of Latinos trusting the Covid-19 vaccine to be safe.

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